McAfee Family Protection Windows Mac Help

McAfee Family Protection Windows Mac Help

How do I enter my McAfee product key?

1. Go through your McAfee retail card thoroughly. You will find your Mcafee 25 digit activation code at the back of your retail card

2. You need to scratch the silver strip and get your Mcafee 25 digit code

3. You will 25 digit code in 5 by 5 format you need to enter the code in the same format
on your official redeem website

4. Now go to the Official website

5. You will find a place to enter your 25 digit code.

6. The place where you need to enter the code seems like
Get started with McAfee
enter your 25 digit code

That's how you will find a place to enter your product key and then follow the instruction
and you are all done


McAfee Family Protection Windows Mac Help software basically works by analyzing program data files against a robust list of current signature/virus or threat definition files; any program/data that matches a signature/definition file is treated as suspicious, infelicitous and is either deleted or quarantined. A pop up alert would appear to warn the user of the infection. Advanced McAfee products today works by employing advanced technologies, like heuristic-based detection, behavioral-based detection, and sandbox detection to analyze suspicious program data files.

All program data files (executable) that enter a system go through the McAfee scan. Those that match the signatures/data are classified as viruses, infection, malware, spyware etc and are blacklisted. The other program data files then go through the Defense + HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System). Here the genuine and secure files would be allowed entry and would run in the system while the unknown ones, irrespective of whether they are good or bad, are sent to the Defense+ Sandbox. These would be allowed to run the set up, but only in this restricted environment. Those that the user allows as good files would be added to the White list while all others would remain in the sandbox or get blacklisted, after which they would go to the labs for analysis.

*How to Activate “McAfee Activate MTP RETAILCARD” antivirus via McAfee retail card online?

  1. Visit the Web address : (McAfee activate)
  2. Enter your product 25 digit activation code or “McAfee activation key” correctly
  3. Make sure all the alphabets are case sensitive (capital letters) in you 25 digit activation code.
  4. Now it will ask you to enter your valid email address.
  5. Note: If you already have existing account then login in with previous email one which is already registered
  6. Login to your account or create a new McAfee account
  7. Create a new password or retrieve your “McAfee password” from email
  8. Download your McAfee Security from your account itself

Steps for downloading and installing McAfee Family Protection Windows Mac Help:

1: Click “Go to My Account” on your mcafee page. It will be appearing with connect to helper. This may offer you fast access to the security of your device.

2: visit Select the proper 25 digit code from the retailcard.

3: Click on Download and install on my pc tab.

4: Press Agree and install to the License Agreement. Press it “It will act according to the terms” then it will proceed towards installation. The install window will appear now.

5: Press “Next” on the Installation window. McAfee will start installing on your pc.

6: Press “Finish” once installation is completed.

                    McAfee Provides a Facility to install one product on 3 devices. Where you can install one product in three different devices and maximum 10 devices subscription is available. Various Products are available such as McAfee live safe, McAfee Antivirus Plus, McAfee internet security, Mcafee antivirus plus etc.